A Winter Wonderland of Babies Event

A Winter Wonderland Of Babies Event Is HERE! We get to CELEBRATE all the new babies in our lives! Joy Of Momma Joyner and Mama On A Green Mission are both welcoming their 3rd babies in the next few weeks! Along with a wonderful group of bloggers, they want to offer ONE WINNER an awesome […]

Montana Leads Homebirths

I had no idea!  I stumbled upon this infographic today. And, then had a big ol’ discussion on Facebook about it. But, I’m still awed that Montana leads the nation in it’s percentage of births that happen at home.  Go Montana!

Man down


We had an at home day, but it was lots of in and out and back again. Bodhi didn’t get a nap, and when I was folding laundry at 5 pm, I thought he was out playing trains in the living room as that was where I left him, but when Jaeger got home, we […]

Bountiful Bounty 24 Jan 2014


Here is what I got for $25 this week.  (I contributed for 3 baskets total as I shared the contribution with friends to minimize our fees, so I only count $1.50 of the $4.50 total fee towards my total as we split the fee three ways.) www.BountifulBaskets.org  Juice Pack $8.50 4 large carrots (about 1 […]

Popcorn for dinner kind of night


We had a busy out of the house day today, so it was a popcorn for dinner kind of night. We had mom’s club this morning which means a 60 mi round trip drive. It snowed on Tuesday night, but luckily the roads weren’t too bad.  And, we got to hang out with one of […]

Vegan Yellow Curry


Yes…white rice. I know. I know. But bear with me folks. If I’m going to eat rice with my Oriental food, I’m going to eat white rice (remember we are paleoish in many of our meals/food choices). We don’t eat out much, and so we have a few dishes we like to make at home […]

DIY your blog or website

Granted, I’ve not been at this whole blogging regularly thing for long. I’ve had a blog since ohhh 2008, but haven’t been great about updating. That is in part why I am endeavoring to make a post a day for the month of January. (Nearly there, right?! It’s the 21st!) Today, I spent some time […]

Not busy but where did the time go?

It was a not busy day, but where did the time go? All of a sudden it is 11:30 p.m., and I’ve not written a blog post (I really wanted to write one a day for the whole month of January!). I know I did some cooking, cleaning, laundry today–don’t I every day? Of course […]

WFD: Gluten Free Queso Fresco Enchiladas


What’s for Dinner (WFD) at our place tonight–GF Cheese Enchiladas Scratch-made for the most part.  Super easy recipe! So very not-paleo, but so very yummy. Add a salad or veggie of choice for a side dish. Oven-roasted veggies–broccoli, cauliflower, onion, and carrot would be so good with these, but so would a side salad with […]