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Granted, I’ve not been at this whole blogging regularly thing for long. I’ve had a blog since ohhh 2008, but haven’t been great about updating. That is in part why I am endeavoring to make a post a day for the month of January. (Nearly there, right?! It’s the 21st!)

Today, I spent some time visiting with a friend about websites, shops, and blogs. Websites and shops–those I’m more familiar with! I’ve had an online ‘presence’ since June 2000 with my shop Momufactured Designs. I currently mainly sell on eBay and etsy with it.

But, as far as blogging. I really like WordPress (of course!). In my recent research to get this blog going, it looks like many of the more professional bloggers use Genesis Framework, so got that. And, then I got to looking at blogs I really liked, and realized I really liked designs on the Genesis Framework by Pretty Darn Cute Designs, so I got that too.

I love how WordPress and Genesis work together to make it so I don’t have to know how to code to do my blog/site on my own.

I wanted to have pictures that I could make ‘pinnable’ and my poor little Microsoft Photo Draw program won’t run anymore–waaah! I loved that program. So, lacking fundage for a $500+ Photoshop purchase, I hunted around and found Pic Monkey suggested over and over again, and it really does do the trick!

And, we cannot forget hosting! You can get a free hosting at, but this really limits what you can do (you cannot monetize your blog for one) and you cannot use genesis or a host of other necessary (I think) widgets. So, you need to purchase a domain. I used godaddy for that I want to own it, and I have had others there forever. For hosting, I use Creo Communico as I love having a ‘real person’ I can bug when I can’t figure out why I cannot get my e-mail to download, or when I have a billing question. I’ve hosted with her for years, and love, love, love Michelle!

Last but not least, huge shout out to google! When I need to figure something out, it’s off to to search “How do I do xyz in wordpress” and s/he always knows the answer. How could I make it without you dear friend, google?

So, that is what I use/do for now!   Now, off to bed. I had too much fun in town today and chasing the little all on my own–exhausting work. It’s always nice when the teens come along, as it’s just that extra little bit of help that makes all the difference. Make note to thank them profusely next time they come with me!

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