Kittens + Toddler = Snow Day Total Adorableness

Oooh it's getting exciting!

I was doing a little sewing and the bigs were working math when Lorenzo said “Mom you have to come see this….grab your camera!” Total adorableness (Is that a word??). Well, it is now.  So cute. We’re having another snow day here as we are measuring the snow on the ground in FEET now. It […]

Katwise Coat for Lorenzo by Lorenzo


Lorenzo (17) wanted to go big or go home I guess. He hasn’t really ever sewn anything before and never operated the serger until he sat down to make this coat. He must be like his mama in that regard. I’d never sewn a line in my life, but when I had kids, I suddenly […]

Toddler Snow Day


Lots ‘o’ snow here. Love it!  Glad I don’t have to get the car out though…….. Got the little guy out to play in the snow. He LOVES being outside and he LOVES snow!                     And now, he’s off to dreamland! He should sleep really well.

13″ of Snow


Well, so much for my 3″ more estimate for the poor chicks.  13″ at our place this morning! WOWSERS! Big kids have a shoveling job and it took a really long time this morning just to get the basics done. The chickens were unimpressed. They were happy to get the yummy scraps, but were hoping […]

What’s for Dinner This Week?


It looked like a garden exploded in my fridge after some travel this week and a meat-ful weekend at our place. I thought I would chop some veggies for salads for the week, and set Lorenzo to peeling a huge bag of carrots for snacks. Then, I thought, well if I pull it all out, […]

iCoffee Giveaway


Welcome to the iCoffee Giveaway! Sponsored by iCoffee Hosted by Mostly Together Mommy Most coffee makers use a drip system, which can compact the coffee grounds and bring out too much of the bitterness of the beans. In contrast, the iCoffee by Remington machine steams the grounds, before using hot water jets to stir the […]

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