A Winter Wonderland of Babies Event

A Winter Wonderland Of Babies Event Is HERE! We get to CELEBRATE all the new babies in our lives! Joy Of Momma Joyner and Mama On A Green Mission are both welcoming their 3rd babies in the next few weeks! Along with a wonderful group of bloggers, they want to offer ONE WINNER an awesome […]

Warm up the New Year Cash Giveaway Win $500

Warm Up The New Year

Welcome to the $500 Warm Up The New Year Cash Giveaway! We’ve joined an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this great giveaway. One lucky person will win $500 cash. I’m really excited to bring you this giveaway. $500 cash would be great this time of year with post-holiday bills. What will you spend […]

Winner! Winner!


I seem to have this NEED to waste time online. End of the day, I’m “bored” (says the woman with the mile long to do list), and I just want to ‘play’. So, I used to do the mindless Facebook games like Farmville or Treasure Island or Candy Crush or…. or…. Yeah, so I was […]