Why does this page give me such trouble?!  Probably because I don’t want it to just be a laundry list of items, because I spend far too much time reading everyone else’s wonderful and witty “About Me” pages. Well, since the theme of this blog is just getting the job done even when you think it’s ‘Not Quite Pinworthy’, here goes!

Holly is an unrepentant ellipses abuser and run-on sentence creator even though she knows a thing or two about grammar, night-owl, procrastinating, crafty, list-making mom to three unschooled boys, surro-mama to three more, lover of cloth everything (yes even TP!), all while living in the sticks with her chicks (and ducks, turkeys, dog, and a small herd of cats), squarefoot gluten-free paleoish cooking from scratch, seeing her traveling hubby mostly only on weekends, and still managing to be not quite pinworthy most of the time, because she pins.all.the.things so has more pins than time. 

Her boys are teenagers Lorenzo (who draws fabulous pictures both in pencil and on his bamboo tablet, and prefers cats to people) and Jaeger (who is an amazing magician wowing us with card tricks daily and has never met a stranger) and toddler Bodhi (who loves all things Disney Cars -especially Mack!–and building never-ending train track highways on the living room floor) and of course hubby Karl (who works away most of the week and comes home on the weekends to cook meat for us and to chip away at endless honey-do lists).

Holly owns and operates Momufactured Designs®, a mother-run business specializing in unique products for your natural family all “Made in Montana”.  Innovative, reusable products were the beginning of our business and still a staple. Momufactured Designs tries to create new reusable products to replace single-use and disposable items on the market currently.

Some other things Holly has some big opinions on are extended breastfeeding, not circumcising, unschooling, simplicity, sewing, thrifting, chicken, unpaper everything, black and stretchy clothing, minimalism, and being enough, but all those things will have to wait until she has time to actually write about them and link them up here!