Really loving Lucky’s Market


Check and see if you have one locally–Lucky’s Market. They have awesome sales, great produce selection, and also a great meat department.  Lots of other nice stuff too, but I mainly stick to the sales! Chow for a few days for hungry kids…… I walked out with a cart-full of groceries. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts […]

Almost Summer


              Fabulous first days of ‘almost’ summer.  It still hasn’t risen above 70, but we still hope for shorts weather….so what if we have to wear our pj’s as leggings to stay warm!? It’s almost summer!

Childhood IS just Magical


I saw this article pop up on my feed today. I agree with most of her sentiment. We don’t need to create elaborate ‘magical’ moments for our children. As my friend who posted the link stated, “Childhood is magical because it is magical. I just try not to get in the way of it.”  It’s […]

Where did March go?


Lorenzo asked me if I was going to make <another> blog post about not writing a blog post, yeah, I guess so kid. At least, I’m writing! Well, I guess more like where did the first 13 days go?  I have been busy working on a ton of sewing. (Gosh I need to update my […]

Kittens + Toddler = Snow Day Total Adorableness

Oooh it's getting exciting!

I was doing a little sewing and the bigs were working math when Lorenzo said “Mom you have to come see this….grab your camera!” Total adorableness (Is that a word??). Well, it is now.  So cute. We’re having another snow day here as we are measuring the snow on the ground in FEET now. It […]

Katwise Coat for Lorenzo by Lorenzo


Lorenzo (17) wanted to go big or go home I guess. He hasn’t really ever sewn anything before and never operated the serger until he sat down to make this coat. He must be like his mama in that regard. I’d never sewn a line in my life, but when I had kids, I suddenly […]

Toddler Snow Day


Lots ‘o’ snow here. Love it!  Glad I don’t have to get the car out though…….. Got the little guy out to play in the snow. He LOVES being outside and he LOVES snow!                     And now, he’s off to dreamland! He should sleep really well.

Man down


We had an at home day, but it was lots of in and out and back again. Bodhi didn’t get a nap, and when I was folding laundry at 5 pm, I thought he was out playing trains in the living room as that was where I left him, but when Jaeger got home, we […]

Popcorn for dinner kind of night


We had a busy out of the house day today, so it was a popcorn for dinner kind of night. We had mom’s club this morning which means a 60 mi round trip drive. It snowed on Tuesday night, but luckily the roads weren’t too bad.  And, we got to hang out with one of […]

Happy Birthday Jaeger!


Happy 14th buddy! Currently, he’s playing with his little bro with the whoopie cushion he got for his birthday. Yeah, that pretty sums up our Jaeger. He’s a wild man with a wicked sense of humor.  If we survive your teen years, we are going to find you a very entertaining adult!