Bountiful Bounty 24 Jan 2014


Here is what I got for $25 this week.  (I contributed for 3 baskets total as I shared the contribution with friends to minimize our fees, so I only count $1.50 of the $4.50 total fee towards my total as we split the fee three ways.)  Juice Pack $8.50 4 large carrots (about 1 […]

Spring Chickens


What do I love almost as much as baby pictures? Baby Chicken pictures! Oh and baby ducks….and turkeys…and…. Oh my gosh! This photo of a batch of our weebies, just makes me want to pull out the chicken catalogs–which by the way, McMurray’s arrived on Monday!!–and start ordering new chicks. Baby ducks are just too […]

Chicken Lake


It was REALLY warm for January the 13th here in Montana–53 degrees was our recorded high. Maybe a record?? We had a good amount of snow on the ground when the day started, and a wicked wind of 30ish mph with gusts into the 60 mph range. Just after dark it started to snow again, […]