Make Your Own Hula Hoops


We went to a festival a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast hula hooping. So, we bought a roll of irrigation piping and made our own. One 100 ft roll and 10 connectors made 10 hoops of varying sizes for a variety of kidlets. Total cost $20.51

Really loving Lucky’s Market


Check and see if you have one locally–Lucky’s Market. They have awesome sales, great produce selection, and also a great meat department.  Lots of other nice stuff too, but I mainly stick to the sales! Chow for a few days for hungry kids…… I walked out with a cart-full of groceries. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts […]

Leadership Central Montana Presentation


I have been participating for the last 7 months in a leadership class focused on the Central Montana region called Leadership Central Montana. It has been a fabulous learning experience. If you’re in the region, check out the website and look at joining the 2014/2015 class! This week, I was part of an awesome (if […]

Katwise Coat for Lorenzo by Lorenzo


Lorenzo (17) wanted to go big or go home I guess. He hasn’t really ever sewn anything before and never operated the serger until he sat down to make this coat. He must be like his mama in that regard. I’d never sewn a line in my life, but when I had kids, I suddenly […]