Popcorn for dinner kind of night

We had a busy out of the house day today, so it was a popcorn for dinner kind of night. We had mom’s club this morning which means a 60 mi round trip drive. It snowed on Tuesday night, but luckily the roads weren’t too bad.  And, we got to hang out with one of our favorite families and recharge the boys social batteries. But, we didn’t get home until late afternoon. Then, I fell asleep with Bodhi and didn’t wake up until 5:30 p.m. OOPS! We had to hustle and get the boys ready for their running class at 6, chickens put away, and I had to pack for quilt club. I did feed Bodhi a good dinner, but I managed just a bite. So, by the time I was back from quilt club at 9, the bigs hadn’t eaten either, so it was a popcorn for dinner kind of night!  They didn’t complain.

Jaeger has been dying to have me share this photo, so here it is! He got the ‘Fly Exterminator’ for his birthday from his grandpa. He can’t wait for fly season to try it out…so he was wondering how much a zap would hurt on his tongue.  Crazy boy!


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