Not busy but where did the time go?

It was a not busy day, but where did the time go? All of a sudden it is 11:30 p.m., and I’ve not written a blog post (I really wanted to write one a day for the whole month of January!). I know I did some cooking, cleaning, laundry today–don’t I every day? Of course I had Scouts to lead tonight–Cubs. We made mini donuts and glaze form scratch. It was so much fun! They were very cute (and messy!!) measuring and stirring and pouring.

I’m assuming the donuts were delicious, but as they weren’t gluten-free, I refrained from trying any.  We did make the same recipe gluten-free a few weeks back with Scouts so that my boys could have some, and those were tasty.  We had a community member donate a little donut ‘baker’. It looks like a waffle maker, so it’s really quick to make these, and they really are more like muffins or waffles, but they are shaped like donuts, so the kids love them.

Oh, and I did list and sell some fun ‘stuff’ on our local swap pages. WOW, do I love those. I have purchased and sold some great treasures on those pages. Such a good budget-minded way to go for so many items.

So, I’m going to call this good for today. Tomorrow’s post may end up being some of the same as it’s another not particularly busy but where does the time go kind of day! I’m going to be kind to myself and say that this post is good ‘enough’ and off to finish watching Call the Midwife, then sleep before an early wake up.

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