Really loving Lucky’s Market


Check and see if you have one locally–Lucky’s Market. They have awesome sales, great produce selection, and also a great meat department.  Lots of other nice stuff too, but I mainly stick to the sales! Chow for a few days for hungry kids…… I walked out with a cart-full of groceries. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts […]

Bountiful Bounty 24 Jan 2014


Here is what I got for $25 this week.  (I contributed for 3 baskets total as I shared the contribution with friends to minimize our fees, so I only count $1.50 of the $4.50 total fee towards my total as we split the fee three ways.)  Juice Pack $8.50 4 large carrots (about 1 […]

Vegan Yellow Curry


Yes…white rice. I know. I know. But bear with me folks. If I’m going to eat rice with my Oriental food, I’m going to eat white rice (remember we are paleoish in many of our meals/food choices). We don’t eat out much, and so we have a few dishes we like to make at home […]

Bacon Brussels Recipe


If you think Brussel Sprouts are icky, you just haven’t had them fresh and well-prepared. If you already like them, you’ll love this easy recipe. We eat this as a main meal item, and a nice big bowl of it will fuel you up on veggies! There are just five main ingredients in this–butter, bacon, […]

Greener Tuna (Turkey) Salad Sandwiches

I will have to remember to republish this around the holidays for the rest of you, but for us, it’s perfect timing. We’re butchering turkeys this weekend if the weather holds. Of course we’re gluten free now, and rarely have any GF bread on hand, so I’d be more likely to put this on salad […]