Sweet September Giveaway $500 cash


Welcome to the $500 Sweet September Cash Giveaway! We have joined forces with a fantastic group of bloggers to bring you this great giveaway. One lucky person will win $500 cash. Very soon, FB is changing the way they allow some contest items, so you may see a change in the number or process for […]

Giveaway: $500 Summer Dreams


Another fun giveaway we’re pairing up with Giveaway Promote to offer. Check out the rafflecopter below.  Who couldn’t use $500 for some last minute summer fun, or even back to school shopping! Welcome to the $500 Summer Dreams Cash Giveaway! We have joined forces with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you this great […]

Make Your Own Hula Hoops


We went to a festival a few weeks ago and the kids had a blast hula hooping. So, we bought a roll of irrigation piping and made our own. One 100 ft roll and 10 connectors made 10 hoops of varying sizes for a variety of kidlets. Total cost $20.51

Really loving Lucky’s Market


Check and see if you have one locally–Lucky’s Market. They have awesome sales, great produce selection, and also a great meat department.  Lots of other nice stuff too, but I mainly stick to the sales! Chow for a few days for hungry kids…… I walked out with a cart-full of groceries. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts […]

Sewing Prep


I’ve been doing a ton of sewing lately getting ready for shows coming up in June. Family cloth  and washies. Some packs for a busy bag swap. I used this tutorial. They are going to love these, and can’t wait to swap! Burp rags Chew Buddies   Right on Boxer Briefs.    Swaddle Socks And […]

Almost Summer


              Fabulous first days of ‘almost’ summer.  It still hasn’t risen above 70, but we still hope for shorts weather….so what if we have to wear our pj’s as leggings to stay warm!? It’s almost summer!

Double down

I haven’t posted much recently. Been sort of busy doubling the number of children I chase each day. A friend’s kiddos have come to stay with us for the summer. So, I went from 3 to 6 in a month plus I have a little guy I watch during the week, so I am most […]