Childhood IS just Magical


I saw this article pop up on my feed today. I agree with most of her sentiment. We don’t need to create elaborate ‘magical’ moments for our children. As my friend who posted the link stated, “Childhood is magical because it is magical. I just try not to get in the way of it.”  It’s […]

Not busy but where did the time go?

It was a not busy day, but where did the time go? All of a sudden it is 11:30 p.m., and I’ve not written a blog post (I really wanted to write one a day for the whole month of January!). I know I did some cooking, cleaning, laundry today–don’t I every day? Of course […]

Word of the Year: Enough


In lieu of  a list of resolutions I’ll probably not finish and then feel bad about in 2015. I’m taking the word of the year approach. What is your word of the year? Mine is enough. Not  ENOUGH! An exclamation when you just want the kids to stop messing around. But enough. As a mom, as a […]

Not quite Wonder Woman


I did once have a friend draw me a picture with me as Wonder Woman circa 2003. Flattering as it was, it wasn’t quite accurate. I mean, I am quite wonderful (if I do say so myself) at some things, but many others leaving me just plain wondering. I can never seem to keep all […]