What’s for Dinner This Week?


It looked like a garden exploded in my fridge after some travel this week and a meat-ful weekend at our place. I thought I would chop some veggies for salads for the week, and set Lorenzo to peeling a huge bag of carrots for snacks. Then, I thought, well if I pull it all out, […]

Bountiful Bounty 24 Jan 2014


Here is what I got for $25 this week.  (I contributed for 3 baskets total as I shared the contribution with friends to minimize our fees, so I only count $1.50 of the $4.50 total fee towards my total as we split the fee three ways.) www.BountifulBaskets.org  Juice Pack $8.50 4 large carrots (about 1 […]

Vegan Yellow Curry


Yes…white rice. I know. I know. But bear with me folks. If I’m going to eat rice with my Oriental food, I’m going to eat white rice (remember we are paleoish in many of our meals/food choices). We don’t eat out much, and so we have a few dishes we like to make at home […]