Bountiful Bounty 24 Jan 2014

Here is what I got for $25 this week.  (I contributed for 3 baskets total as I shared the contribution with friends to minimize our fees, so I only count $1.50 of the $4.50 total fee towards my total as we split the fee three ways.) 

Juice Pack $8.50

4 large carrots (about 1 lb)
1 xl beet
1 sleeve celery
5 large oranges
2 apples
5 key limes


Conventional Basket $15

(12 items total, though see my notes below!)
Green leaf Lettuce
Green Cauliflower
6 Hatch Chiles
6 Minneolas
about 1 lb of Brussel Sprouts
2 Avocados
2 Onions
6 Bananas
4 Asian Pears (you see 9 in this photo, because I traded my 5 Bartlett Pears for Asian Pears as we rarely eat the others, and the other 2 are our ‘thank you’ for volunteering items)
*Bartlett Pears (we traded them away!)
*Potatoes (we don’t eat those regularly enough to keep, so I gave away)


And…..some bounty that is bountiful from our own little momstead. Our chickens are finally laying again with some regularity! YAY!!!! That means those who buy eggs from us, can start getting them again 😀  And we have LOTS of pretty blue and green ones this year.


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