Kittens + Toddler = Snow Day Total Adorableness

I was doing a little sewing and the bigs were working math when Lorenzo said “Mom you have to come see this….grab your camera!”

Total adorableness (Is that a word??). Well, it is now.  So cute. We’re having another snow day here as we are measuring the snow on the ground in FEET now. It was below zero when we headed to the bigs shoveling jobs at 7:30 a.m.  Bodhi and I stayed warm in the car (and he never did take off his fleece snow suit once we got home). I had some sewing to finish, so he got out the Kindle for a little movie time. I figured he’d pick “Mater’s Tall Tales” as that is a favorite–anything with cars! But, instead, he picked a Tinkerbelle one, and was telling me about the ‘fly’ on the show.

Funny thing was….for a good amount of the 20 mins they sat there, the cats were actually watching the movie!

Oooh it's getting exciting!

Oooh it’s getting exciting!

I’m going to try to get some photos later today of our new ducks/chickens. A friend in town let us know of some that weren’t in a good spot and owners were moving (did move?). They were skinny, but not too worse for the wear yet. But, with sub-zero temps, and tons of snow, it was good we grabbed them yesterday evening. They seem to be settling in with our flock though no one is happy with so much snow and so little outside space.


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