Headline Reads: Man Buys Booze (and Ice Cream) for Teens


I completely forgot to post about this when it happened last week! It was SOOO incredibly funny too! Where we live, there really aren’t any dining options other than the bar. So, we waited until we could go to the ‘city’ the next day for my birthday dinner. We go out to dinner a little […]

Chicken Lake


It was REALLY warm for January the 13th here in Montana–53 degrees was our recorded high. Maybe a record?? We had a good amount of snow on the ground when the day started, and a wicked wind of 30ish mph with gusts into the 60 mph range. Just after dark it started to snow again, […]

Favorite Clothes


Going through photos to add to the blog, I’m struck by the fact that my kiddos seem to always be wearing a version of the same thing. I know they have several drawers full of clothes, but I guess like anyone they have their favorites.  Do your kids tend to wear the same things over […]