Not quite Wonder Woman

I did once have a friend draw me a picture with me as Wonder Woman circa 2003.

Thank you Dana!

Flattering as it was, it wasn’t quite accurate. I mean, I am quite wonderful (if I do say so myself) at some things, but many others leaving me just plain wondering. I can never seem to keep all the plates spinning and get everything wonderful at once. Now THAT would make me Wonder Woman!

The above is probably the most accurate description of my day to day life, though I do admit I’ve made rainbow playdough quite a few times–it really doesn’t take all that long…. And okay, okay, so I found the rainbow spaghetti recipe too late after we went gluten-free, so I might have tried it too.  Well, wait, I was trying to say that I wasn’t Wonder Woman in reality.  I guess I can be Wonder Woman a few times a week, maybe even once a day on a good day, but the rest of the time, I’m lucky I kept the kids alive, got a few chores done and all that other stuff that goes with running a household. I guess that really does count as a good day.  Go Wonder Woman!

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