Headline Reads: Man Buys Booze (and Ice Cream) for Teens

I completely forgot to post about this when it happened last week! It was SOOO incredibly funny too!

Where we live, there really aren’t any dining options other than the bar. So, we waited until we could go to the ‘city’ the next day for my birthday dinner. We go out to dinner a little late, and since it was a weeknight, by the time we decided on dessert at Cold Stone, they were closed. So we hit Wal-Mart for our own personal pints instead. (Total aside, but the Talenti Carribbean Coconut was AWESOME!! And the container is reusable and I think will be perfect for storing snaps, so I must eat MORE Talenti to get more containers—RIGHT?!)


Anyway, hubs grabs himself some hard cider instead of ice cream. We get to the check-out…I’m hanging back a little with the cart–Bodhi sitting in it (eating some fries…he hadn’t been impressed with the sushi we’d had for dinner). Teens standing by me chatting. The cashier tells hubs that she needs all of our IDs to prove we’re over 21. He is like….what?

She starts reading him the riot act for purchasing alcohol for teenager via third party sales which is illegal. WHAT? Then, I realize, she thinks that the three of us–me, Lorenzo, and Jaeger are some teens that he is buying booze for!!! For a moment of course I was pretty darn flattered, but she wasn’t kidding. She was seriously not going to sell him the cider, and about to make a big deal out of it.

Hubs said, well fine, I’ll just send them to the car, and go to another aisle. Well, that was pretty much tantamount to saying he had a bomb to airport security. I think she was about to hit the red button under the counter….so he quickly backpedaled there, and asked what we needed to do to make this right. I’m sure she’d already hit the button, and the cruisers were on their way….but….

  1. How DUMB does she think kids are these days? They are going to go into the store, and stand in line with the old dude who is buying them booze?
  2. Who is the 2 year old in the cart? Booze buying guys kid? Or the teens he is buying for?
  3. What third party sale involves one 6-pack of hard cider? Whoohoo…let’s each get a teensy buzz from the 2 whole bottles each?? Well, and that would be providing we didn’t have to share with old dude.
  4. Oh yeah, and three pints of expensive ice cream and a can of Cafe Bustello coffee. Yeah..we were trying to just make it look like we were a family buying some ‘stuff’…but we didn’t fool her…drat!

In the end, she asked me my age–I told her, 39, actually it’s my birthday, thank you. Still was still insisting upon seeing my ID as I wasn’t telling the truth, and it took a little convincing that the teens didn’t have any ID, and were actually, indeed our children. Again, the 2 yo didn’t tip you off just a bit?! Do you need his ID as well? I think he left it in his other diaper….

Oh, and lest maybe you think the ‘lateness’ was making her think we had evil intentions, when I say this was all happening ‘late’….it really was only about 9 p.m. on a Tuesday night. Come on lady, far too early for a teen school-night kegger….COME ON, be real.

Oh, since I’ve now written a novel. Let me add a few photos for you!


Oh, and to think I think I thought I was a fat teenager? I’ll take that now body back now please!

I swear those are NOT the same sunglasses I had at 17…..I am thrifty and all, but not quite that thrifty. I did have some sweatshirts from high school up until I was in my <cough> mid-30s. Or wait, maybe that means that everything comes back into style?

I should have left my pants showing on that today photo, so you can see my retro- pegged jeans too. (No, no, will those EVER come back into style?!) Oh geeze, I’d better just quit while I’m ahead!

So, was it just us? Or, have you ever been asked for ID for your whole party when getting alcohol at Wal-Mart? Or somewhere else? Granted, I think this is the first time…maybe ever?? that I have been part of an alcohol purchase at Wal-Mart, so maybe they do this now, and I’m the last person to know this.

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