Double down

I haven’t posted much recently. Been sort of busy doubling the number of children I chase each day. A friend’s kiddos have come to stay with us for the summer. So, I went from 3 to 6 in a month plus I have a little guy I watch during the week, so I am most definitely out-numbered on the weekdays.

It’s been a pretty smooth transition overall. Getting to know everyone’s likes/dislikes in the food arena has been the biggest new thing for me I think. I will write more in another post, but I have kids who pretty  much eat anything and everything with very few dislikes. Also, my one little guy I am watching is allergic to basically…..everything. He has a long list of things he cannot have including gluten, dairy, cane sugar, beet sugar, tomatoes, oranges, and strawberries. So, often times I am trying to figure out what I can make for everyone, but pull his out before any of the above items are added in! We just CANNOT go without our cheese!!!!

And on the children’s side of things, getting to know my ‘style’ has been interesting for them.  They quickly learned to never say “I’m bored.” or I will most certainly find ‘something’ for them to do.

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